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Part 4:5 Daily Activities Of Successful People

I’m sure that we all agree that time management, motivation, and focus are the building blocks for success. With that being said, what is the one activity that binds all of the building blocks? Persistence. Persistence is the bonding agent. Without persistence your business will fail.

Persistence equals Success

Persistence is where you decide to move forward with something, even when failing at it over and over again. Every luxury and technical advantage we enjoy today is the byproducts of persistence. Many people are afraid of trying new things mostly because of failure. It’s because of our failures we learn. And thru our learning we succeed.

What they do not realize is that if you are not failing, you are not doing anything in life! Take the popular animation film from Walt Disney called Meet The Robinsons. The theme of the entire movie had one catch phrase, “Keep Moving Forward!”

It was repeated in the movie over and over again because the main character, Lewis Robinson, had a bad temper and when he failed, he would throw a fit and give up.

What he learned as the movie progressed was that each failure taught him a specific lesson about how to succeed in the future and by persisting, it would make success an inevitable event.

You can’t view failure as an obstacle that can’t be overcome, but as a way to improve your internet business. When you fail, take a moment and evaluate the situation. Ask yourself, what could I have done differently to achieve a more favorable result? Don’t hesitate to seek advice if needed. Remember that someone else faced the same obstacle as you and overcame it.

Failing is frustrating, but once you’ve trained your mind to see that failure is not a negative but a road map to success. Don’t give up. And by not giving up and continuing to on your path no matter, Success is your next stop.

As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee that if you put in the time, the effort, and persistence, in whatever your endeavors maybe. Your chances of success are greatly increased in your favor. No matter where you are today with your accomplishments and where you desire to be. Every day is a new day, filled with many possibilities.

It does not matter what economic situation you are in today, there will be another chance tomorrow to make a change. What you do in your life and business today will determine what happens tomorrow.

Do not give up on your goals and dreams. Make the commitment, start today, and persist until you reach the milestones you have set in your online business.

Just keep these heart felt words of wisdom in your mind at all times, “The Past Can Not Be Changed But the Future Is In Your Power”…..Lani

The only place dreams are impossible is in your mind.

William Hooten
Internet Marketing Success Coach

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