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Part 2:5 Daily Activities Of Successful People

The second activity that successful people do on a daily basis is motivation. Motivation is the most important of all, because it directly affects whether or not you do the others at all.

The Right Motivation

The reason most internet marketers don’t achieve any success is because of the type of motivation they have. This is mostly because they lack energy or lack of clear thoughts on what to do.

How many times have you read a book or an article that outlined a specific marketing plan (or a set of clear action steps), where you could make tons of money online? Probably more than once, right?

Most respond by saying, “This is too much work or I don’t know how to do what this person does. There is no way I can reproduce their success.” The first thought in their mind is negative and their motivation is not going to be there.

I have learned doing Internet marketing that people tend think about how much work is required on their part, instead of on whether or not the plan will help them reach their goals and dreams.

The reason most successful people are successful is not because they take huge leaps and bounds each day. It is because they small baby steps that will culminate to a huge success over a long period of time.

This is where many people run into major problems and give up. People try to take shortcut after shortcut, and eventually they are lost.

Do you remember being successful at reading or playing a sport the first time you tried it? No, of course not. It took time and a lot of practice to become efficient and successful at whatever you were doing. The same thing applies with Internet Marketing.

For the most part, becoming a huge success online does not happen overnight. This is why having the right motivation is so important. You are going to have to find a motivating force inside of you to push you to succeed.

Whether you are motivated by money, competition, power, or even better, helping your fellow human being, you are going to have to find it within you. Once you know why and for who you are working so hard each day for, it gets a lot easier to get up and get things accomplished. In fact, it becomes fun!

My motivations are very simple and can be divided into two parts. The first is to help as many people as possible to reach the same type of success I have reached. The second is to achieve and maintain total financial and time freedom, so I am able to share my life with my family and my friends, anytime I choose.

So how can you find your motivation? Look inside yourself and find out what is most important to you. Make a list and write it down from most important to least important.

Take a separate sheet of paper and write down the following:

“I, Your Name, promise to get up or stay up late each and every day to do the work that is necessary to achieve my goals and dreams. I am determined and will not quit. I am doing this everyday because…. then list your reasons.”

Post that right in front of your computer and make sure you read it every morning before you get started, until you have it memorized. Then, you will not forget and you will not give up until you have reached your success.

As I stated earlier, my motivation is helping other people succeed and achieve total freedom like I have. What will it be for you?

The only place dreams are impossible is in your mind.

William Hooten
Internet Marketing Success Coach

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