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Part 1: 5 Daily Activities Of Successful Individuals

There is a popular saying that rings true in every part of life, “The apprentice always learns from the master.” For some of us who the televison series “Kung Fu”, we all have to start with being grasshopper the student. This is no different with Internet Marketing. We always look for the leaders, the people with the success and the bank accounts to prove it, to show us the way to prosperity. Thats exactly what i did. Once you go to my website, you will be introduced to two men who elightened me.

But did you know that there are five very distinct activities that all successful individuals practice each and every day? And, what if you could learn these activities and combine them together to create an unstoppable avalanche of momentum making your goals (no matter how lofty) possible and attainable, would you actually do them?

Well today I am going to reveal one of five activities to you and I hope that starting immediately, you will implement and follow it without fail. Here we go.

Time Management

This is a skill that many Internet marketers neglect to implement into their online businesses. Many people get bogged down with all of the distractions the Internet offers: whether it is watching videos, reading the news, checking their stocks, and the list goes on and on.

In the meantime, the time you had set aside to run your business is passing by and you are not accomplishing anything. How can you minimize distractions and still work efficiently?

1. Set regular working hours. It does not matter if they are part time or full time, just make sure that your family understands that these are your working hours. This time should be uninterrupted at your computer.

2. Set daily goals or timelines. Make a “To Do List” at the end of each day (for the following day) of the primary tasks you want to accomplish. As you complete tasks, mark them off and have a moment for celebration!

3. Stay focused and on task. If you start on a task, make sure that you finish it before moving on to something else. If along the way you come across a distraction, bookmark it and get back to it later. Try to be as organized as possible with your ideas, and make sure to keep track of what you have already accomplished.

4. Turn your computer off and go enjoy your life for goodness sake! Yes the Internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you don’t have to be. Take regular 10-15 minute breaks throughout the day to clear your mind, regather your thoughts, and keep a higher sense of focus when you are working.

Above all, please don’t lose sight of what’s most important to you, whether it is spending time with your spouse or family. Go after your dreams and goals with unbridled passion and drive, but make sure to create a balance between the other aspects of your life.

In part 2, I will be covering the second daily activity of successful people. Look for it over the next few days.

Wishing You Nothing But Success,

William Hooten

Internet Marketing Success Coach

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